Hand crafted funk-tional art made in Oakland, Ca. 

Oakland born and raised, MAK is the designer and creator of MAKBUILT, a line of re-purposed, fully funk-tional, one-of-a-kind art.  A builder by day and an artist by night, MAK is influenced by music and street art - his creations combine yesteryear's retro aesthetics with modern technology and functionality.

MAK’s love for music and nostalgia for the era of his childhood inspired his own version of a boom box that re-purposed his father’s wooden briefcase into a portable boom box enabling him to share his tunes wherever he rambled.  MAK’s desire to investigate how things are made and function fuels his own innovations, leading him to turn a beach cruiser bicycle into tricked out gas powered motor bike, a belt buckle into a carved & inlayed  wooden concealed knife, and a finished carpenter’s “face-lift” to a vintage camera.  Each one of MAK’s unique pieces is imbued with his personal touch: a devotion to craft and a flair for style. From classic muscle cars to refurbishing mid-century modern furniture, MAKBUILT is always keepin' his hands busy building, fixing, or making something once cool even cooler.