thanks for the kind words

"The process of making is fun, but seeing my art being enjoyed and used is the best part." - MAK

"Great service and amazing workmanship. You can trust Makbuilt with any project. I would recommend to anyone." - Kylie Holman


"Love this - incredibly precise workmanship and the sound is great. Great alternative to the cookie cutter speaker boxes produced by the mainstream - as well as a great speaker this is an art piece." - Iain Mcoll


"I bought this for my son for Christmas and he loved it! He goes camping a lot and this is perfect!!!" -Elaine Woodling


"Sound quality at its finest in a pocket sized portable speaker! Take this gem anywhere and always have your music ready to impress wherever you may be! At this price point and size I am already thinking stocking stuffers!! Haven't left home without it yet and highly recommend you get one of your own!!" - Mike Koran


"More durable than I would have guessed love it!" - Martha Frances Williams


"Cutting edge sound quality in a vintage box. .. Just my style" - Elika Sage


"Matt is one of the most creative individuals I know. The quality and attention to detail in everything he produces is second to none." - Ian Skone-Rees


"I just got my pocket boom box! It's so awesome. My dad Is going to love this for Fathers Day! Now I want one too. :) thanks MAKBUILT the quality of your work is impressive and you were very kind & professional. Can't wait to see what other cool gadgets you create." - Emily Fox


"Item is exactly as described. Great quality. Fast shipping." - Amy Deweese