Info, Care & Warranty

This mini box of freshness is compatible with most audio players equipped with a headphone jack.

Plug & Play:
Simply plug in the provided input cable to both your music device (with volume on low)  and your Mint Tin Boombox, flip on the power and then adjust volume to your phonic pleasure.

This Amp is juiced by a 9v battery. When it comes time to replace it, slowly and carefully pull the leather tab up and away allowing the baffle and speaker to pop up and out. Be mindful of the wires connecting the speaker to the amp inside. Once the baffle has separated from the box, you can rest it on the side of the lip, allowing enough room to replace the battery.  Do it nice and slowly to avoid causing any damage.

Care and maintenance of your Mint Tin Pocket Boombox:
1) Check that the cord has a solid connection to your phone & boombox. Phone cases may have to be removed.
2) Be sure your auxiliary cord is not kinked or damaged.  The cord provided is a basic model to get you started, there are lots of other brands and types of auxiliary cords that can be used with your boombox.
3) If the sound crackles or weakens, it may be time for a new battery.
4) Although it is pocket sized, avoid sitting on, or applying weight, or getting wet - it is MAKBUILT tough, but not made of kryptonite.

MAKBUILT warrants the included hardware product against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of original retail purchase.  MAKBUILT does not warrant against normal wear and tear nor damage caused by accident or misuse. For example this warranty does not cover: cosmetic damage, improper operation, improper voltage supply or power surges, damages from shipping, natural disasters, any type of customer misuse, modifications, or adjustments attempted by anyone other than MAKBUILT services.

MAKBUILT is not responsible for transportation costs to the service center, but MAKBUILT will cover return shipping to the customer within the U.S.  Pre-Authorization is required before sending in any unit in for warranty service.  MAKBUILT will either repair or replace your product at its' own discretion.  Proof of purchase details are required when making a claim under this warranty.

To obtain warranty service contact MAKBUILT via email:
This warranty is subject to change without notice.